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How to choose good quality glass window?

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  The quiet and comfortable environment is now the pursuit of many cities. But in the city, all kinds of noise and noise are always unavoidable. For the environment of home peace, the choice of sound insulation glass window is not small. So how to choose the sound insulation glass window, how can we choose good quality glass window?

  1, material selection

  With the development of production technology, many glass insulation windows appear on the market, such as hollow glass, vacuum glass, multi layer hollow glass and so on. The performance and performance of glass insulation windows of different materials are disparities. In these soundproof windows, vacuum glass window the sound effect is good, cause or less energy and hollow glass can only separate audio high, low or high energies for noise isolation effect is not very good. The sound insulation effect of the composite insulating glass is relatively poor, but its safety performance is very high. People can choose the more suitable material type of sound insulation glass window according to the living environment.

  2. Window box selection

  The window frames of soundproof glass windows are generally made of aluminum alloy window frames. Their sealing performance is very good, and the price is not very expensive. Installation is also very easy. The soundproof effect of aluminum alloy window frames is also very good, especially the new aluminum alloy window frames, which not only have strong sealing, but also discard the defects of ordinary aluminum alloy window frames, such as large voice pulling and fast heat transfer.

  3. Selection of hardware accessories

  Hardware accessories are indispensable in the installation of windows, and the key to the flexible use of windows. When people choose to buy soundproof glass windows, we need to observe whether the models of hardware fittings are matched with windows, whether the color of hardware fittings is consistent or not, whether the assembly of hardware accessories is complete or not. If the quality of the hardware accessories is not good or the hardware accessories are not suitable for the soundproof glass windows, the sound proof glass windows will be hard to slip during installation and installation process, so they can not soundproof the service life of the glass windows.

  4. Selection of sealing strips

  The sealing strip is the installation of the sound insulation glass window, and the building materials must be installed. It is also the sound insulation effect of the window. If the seal of the window is not strict, the sound insulating glass window can not prevent the noise from invading. Generally, there are two kinds of wool seals and rubber seals on the market. After the use of wool seal, the hair removal phenomenon will happen, and the sealing ability of windows will be reduced. While the rubber seal is used for a certain period of time, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of aging, so that the seal of the window can not be sealed. So when people use a window seal, it is better to check their seal regularly.

  Sound insulation glass window is a common home sound insulation tool, not only easy to install and use very convenient, and very beautiful, the price is not very expensive. Therefore, how to choose the sound insulation glass window has become a matter of attention. The above is related to the selection of sound insulation glass window, for your reference only.

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