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New technology guidance - Method for using hollow glass butyl rubber

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  Hollow glass butyl rubber is a kind of polyisobutylene rubber as the base material of one component, solvent free, no fog, no cure, with a plastic insulating glass sealant. The hot-melt butyl sealant maintains its plasticity and seal in a wide temperature range, and the surface is not cracked and hard. Because of its extremely low water vapor transmission, it can form an excellent anti wet gas system with elastic sealant. Features: good sealing effect, good quality, no curing period, less floor area and lower production cost. It belongs to environmental protection product, and it has no waste and clean environment.

  Hollow glass butyl rubber is a sealed adhesive for making insulating glass with two component polyurethane sealant, two component polysulfide sealant, two component silicone sealant and insulating glass hot melt adhesive. Hollow glass butyl rubber with different sizes is chosen according to the size of the rubber silo of the hollow glass butyl rubber coating machine. When using hollow glass butyl rubber to make hollow glass, we should pay attention to it.

  1. Clean and spare the hollow glass aluminum strip.

  2, the butyl hot-melt sealant is put into the extruder cylinder to preheat to 130-140 degrees. When the thermostat keeps constant temperature, when the adhesive strip is inspecting the uniform continuous line, the adhesive strip is applied to the insulating glass aluminum partition slot, and then cooled slightly and clean glass to synthesize the semi-finished product of the insulating glass.

  3, to finish externalists sealant and after curing for hollow glass products.

  4. When the machine is produced with a quick glue machine, the rubber tube temperature should be adjusted up to 10-15 degrees C, and the extrusion pressure is transferred from 150Mpa to 170-200Mpa.

  Note: when the butyl hot-melt sealant is used, the hands should be clean, and the surface of the glue should not be stained with dust, oil and solvents, such as acetone, gasoline and so on. Gloves can not be worn out when making glue. Be careful to burn with hot glue. The gloves in contact should be clean without hair or other contaminants that are easily sticky on the glue. Ding Ji hot-melt sealant glue should be controlled below 160 C when it is glued, and it is strictly forbidden to play glue above 170 centigrade so as to avoid the aging of glue.

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