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Brief discussion on building safety glass

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  In peacetime, the design of residential, commercial and other facilities mainly consider the function, aesthetic and constructability of the building. However, for the functional and aesthetic nature of these buildings in the design life, we need to consider many low probability natural disasters and vicious attacks, such as a hundred years' storm, flood, fire, earthquake and the threat of terrorist attacks. A large number of glass materials used in buildings are a relatively weak link in the structure of the building. According to investigation and statistics, in the various factors that cause injuries, the damage caused by spattered broken glass and shrapnel is more prominent than the direct damage caused by explosion, and casualties are related to glass.

  Just after the "Tianjin Binhai New Area 8.12 Big Bang", in addition to meet all fire explosion in general burns and building collapse crushed, the explosion has many of the wounded are blasting glass scratches, injuries, eventually causing significant casualties. The accident once again gave the world a alarm, and the use of glass has also aroused the attention of the society.

  Glass refers to toughened glass, laminated glass, and other glass products processed by tempered or laminated glass, such as insulating glass, fireproof glass and smashing glass, which conform to the current national standard. Glass is mainly used in automobiles, trains, ships, aircraft, household appliances and other industrial fields, as well as buildings, decoration and other industries. Among them, with the rapid development of high-rise buildings in recent years, the maturity and innovation of building technology and the continuous improvement of people's awareness of glass, the development of building glass at home and abroad is particularly fast.

  At present, a series of high performance building glass has been developed and applied abroad, including: anti hurricane glass glass, anti invasion glass, fireproof glass, anti-theft glass and so on. Take the United States as an example, the anti hurricane glass has been forced to use in the states along the coast of Florida and Texas along the coast of the Atlantic, and has successfully saved many properties and lives in recent years. Burglar glass is used in some civil houses and shops.

  At present, domestic glass mainly develops in two directions: first, improving product quality, focusing on appearance, light transmittance and flatness; two, strengthening product functions, highlighting products, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and other characteristics. In building glass, to improve the impact strength of glass and reduce or eliminate the two time of injury, we should strengthen other comprehensive functions such as burglar prevention, sound insulation, thermal insulation, energy saving and other comprehensive functions to become a new trend of development. At the same time, the emergence of some new intelligent glass has also greatly enriched the building glass market.

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