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Faith glass group

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  Founded in 1988, Xinyi China Glass Holdings Ltd is a super large enterprise with complete product structure and complete float glass production and deep processing. It is a leading company in China and international counterparts. Currently, the group has seven production bases in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Wuhu, Tianjin, Yingkou and Deyang, with a total area of about 5000000 and an area of nearly 15 thousand employees. Faith glass is committed to providing customers with products, services and solutions to meet their needs, creating long-term value and potential growth for customers and partners.

  Xinyi Glass products and solutions covering good float glass, automotive glass, electronic glass and glass and other engineering fields, with flexible supply chain capacity, reasonable cost, one-stop delivery, professional logistics channels, the products delivered to customers around the world.

  Xinyi Glass is a leading international manufacturer of high quality float glass, with a total of 14950 tons of float glass production line. The environmental friendly special glass products produced by our company are mainly used for deep processing of energy saving glass, meeting the needs of automotive glass and LOW-E, hollow and other energy-saving engineering glass fields, and producing various special color glasses to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad.

  Xinyi Glass is one of the Chinese large automotive glass manufacturers, the share of the global automotive glass replacement market share, products and solutions have been used in over more than 100 countries and regions, with Chery, Yutong, Fukuda and other national brands as a long-term strategic partnership, with the host plant synchronous vehicle research and development capabilities.

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