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Jindi International City Community

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Case name Jindi international city
Project introduction
The international city located in Chaoyang Road, guarding the city "expansion" portal, 620 thousand square meters villa life zone, with the 2+2 5F superimposed villas, garden villas, 8+1 garden villas, small high-rise apartments and other products in harmony in a piece of land, and through the air bearing, magnificent architectural vision, declared Huainan a hitherto unknown house style.
Case location Tianjia'an District of Huainan City
Customer evaluation We choose Huainan city Rong Shunxiang Glass Co., PVB film laminated glass, the glass is suitable for glass curtain wall, high safety performance, can absorb the strong impact energy, does not produce debris. In addition, it has excellent performance of sound insulation, light control, heat insulation and heat insulation, and we are willing to purchase such good products.
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