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Huainan Carrefour Times Square

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Case name Carrefour Times Square
Project introduction
Carrefour times square covers an area of 34 acres, a total construction area of 130 thousand square meters, the commercial portion of about 80 thousand square meters, has become one of the commercial, residential, office of Huainan city as one of the larger integrated commercial building, the French Carrefour, Hengdian Five Star Theater has been officially signed settled.
Case location Tianjia'an District of Huainan City
Customer evaluation Us and Huainan Rong Shun Xiang glass company limited cooperation, will store glass replaced with high load, high safety, high strength tempered glass, the glass is not easily broken, even if broken will become small particles and no sharp knife like the common glass, to protect the personal safety of consumers. The company's service is very good, it is a good faith enterprise.

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